Innovative solutions for music learning and appreciation

Playnote Limited was founded by a team of professional musicians and technology experts in 2010, specializing in products and services for music education and appreciation.  With its digital signal processing, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, Playnote provides innovative solutions and enables users enjoy music in a revolutionary way.

Our flagship product AURALBOOK™ ( is an app that allows music students to practise their aural skills anytime anywhere with an artificial intelligence teacher. It is the Gold Award Winner Product of the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Award (HKICTA) 2012, Merit Award Winner Product of Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance Award (APICTA) 2012 and Gold Award Winner Product of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2013.

The SCALEBOOK™ ( app helps students practise their Scales between music lessons with the help of an artificial intelligence teacher and examiner. It is the Grand Award Winner of theHong Kong Information and Communication Technology Award (HKICTA) 2016. With mock exams and detailed analysis, music students are able to fine tune their scales with a practice companion at their fingertips.

Practice records of AURALBOOK™ and SCALEBOOK™ are available in the respective apps, as well as on the Playnote ORGANIZER™ ( at any time.

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