10 Tips to Improve Your Sight-Reading

Do you find sight-reading music daunting? How do you go about reading a brand new piece of music? No matter what instrument you play, sight-reading is essential for building great musicianship. Below are 10 tips to improve your sight-reading.

1. Always look ahead and anticipate the notes and rhythms coming up.

2. Keep the tempo markings in mind and spot dynamic changes.

3. Sing the music out loud or hear it in your head (also known as audiation) before you play.

4. Pay attention to the key signature, and note any accidentals along the way.

5. Identify rhythmic patterns that may be difficult and work through the fingerings.

6. Mentally mark down spots where the key signature or time signature changes.

7. Don’t lose touch with your sound and pitch as you play.

8. If you make a mistake, move on.

9. Maintain rhythmic flow and don’t forget to count the rests.

10, Practise! Sight-read different genres of music with varying levels of difficulty at each practice, and your sight-reading skills will surely improve.