Where and how can I find a music teacher?

Whether you are looking for a private music teacher for your child, or you are a adult learner looking to pick up an instrument, finding the suitable music teacher requires asking yourself some key questions and knowing where to start looking.

Here are some links to resources that provide important information on how to find a suitable music teacher:

  1. How To: Choose the Perfect Music Teacher
    “Nancy Harder gives the lowdown on what to consider when looking for the perfect music teacher, and why finding the right teacher for you is so important.”
  2. How to Find the Right Teacher
    Answering questions such as “Where can I find a teacher?” “I found a potential teacher. Now what?” “I have scheduled my first lesson! How do I prepare for it?”
  3. How to Find a Great Music Teacher For Your Child
    Susan Pascale provides a comprehensive checklist of questions you should ask your potential music teacher.
  4. Choosing a Music Teacher
    The MTNA provides tips on “How Do I Find the Right Teacher? How do I Interview Prospective Teachers? What is the Parent’s Role?”
  5. Choices When Choosing Music Teachers
    The information given here “may help parents decide on the best source of tuition for their child and the questions to ask of their school or private teacher.”